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Been bugging me for some time I KNEW I’ve seen that somewhere ‘-‘Edit: So it was pointed out to me that Zoroark’s ability is Illusion. WELL THEN
Crowscratch of my Raven, AlI love dem crows. I love dem maniacal laughter I laugh along with him as I ohko everything why are asses so op

really quick collab done with tiramishi ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ!

I’m a washed-out-colours fag and thye is an intense-saturation fag yewe make gret tem
Randomly drew gijinka of the best class master *3*

Hey love your art! Just curious, which dragon nest server are you on? =D

Thank you!! ;u; I’m in DN SEA, springwood server!

Mimo you dropped your flowersThese random past-midnight drawing impulses should stop aaslkd 
………..WELL. This was supposed to be a doodle but as you can see it did not go that way… Why don’t I ever learn to always draw on high res in case things like this happen _(:’3_My moonlord Saph. I love loveee this costume to bits if you still don’t know how many times I’ve drawn it hnrghhrghh
#4 - Favourite Ghost typeI don’t really use ghosts but I caught a shiny Lampent once and I always grow to love my shinies 8D plus Chandelure looks creepily cute <3
#3 - Favourite Dragon typeI had a hard time with this one cause I don’t really use dragons nor have an obvious favourite but after a while I decided with Zweilous ;u; cute snappy head-brothers~ I also love their colour palette *^*
#2 - Favourite Grass typeNO DOUBT SAWSBUCK! Such majestic creature I couldn’t decide which season to draw so draw ALL the seasons! \o/
#1 - Favourite Fighting typeLoooove Lucario and its Mega to bits /)//u//(\Also my “starter” when I was playing X :’3
Puppets puppets puppetsI imagine my Soul Eater making dolls of everyone but with no evil intentions she just likes making dolls. But then she accidentally drops them or steps on them and then they get random body aches LIKE THIS:
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I’ve been hooked on satyrs nowadays and was stuck at my aunt’s place for reunion dinner and what better than to design and draw some. I shall assume them centaurs for the occasion! 8’D

Huat aarrr