I’ve been playing B&S lately ‘v’
I’ve been feeling good lately but I know I’m just lying to myself
Commission for nucion thank you~! >v<,
Kiss day was yesterday I am so sorry
Late night urge to doodle the 3 summons
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Goodness, didn't know you had an art blog @_@! /stalks--errr, follows

Oh my how was I found <o><o>

hello, i absolutely love your art ; v ; <3333 I just wanna ask what program you use? (・o・)

uu thank youu ///u/// I use mainly paint tool sai, sometimes photoshop for touching up ‘v’

Late night urge to doodle my lightfury in questionable clothing 
Art trade with aishasauce&#160;! :9It&#8217;s also transparent~ works better on light backgrounds
What I will be doing:
Taking CHIBI commissions (as shown in sample)
What I will draw:
Original Characters (OCs)
Customizable Game Characters (your characters in games where its appearance is customizable eg. MMOs) 
What I will NOT draw:
(it&#8217;s chibi commish idk what other things people can incorporate into that)
What you will receive:
A digital copy of your commissioned artwork in .PNG (unless requested for other formats like JPG)
Full entitlement to use it for PERSONAL use
You can print it, use it as icons, show it off, etc
However, you CANNOT:
Resell the artwork
Claim that it is done by you or any other persons except me (please credit to mimorei.deviantart.com)
If interested, please email me at purplechandra@hotmail.com with the subject COMMISSION and with your reference(s) attached.
One full coloured chibi = 15 USDAdditional characters interacting in the same picture is +10 USD per character
Payments by PAYPAL only!I will only start when I have received your full payment. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS \OvO/Edit: I forgot to mention but PLEASE STATE WHO YOU ARE when you email me! Indicate if you&#8217;re so and so from tumblr/deviantart/etc so I can properly register you! XDAlso, I still retain the rights to use your commissioned artwork for my promotional purposes unless otherwise requested. Thank you!
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I love the assassin&#8217;s rare grade gear =v= but I like the magic grade shoes because feetsies~
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