Feels good to draw this costume again uwu
I miss you Mimo my guardian ;u; it’s been like 3 months since I logged in
I’m a day late but shh it’s still the 15th on the other sideHappy heat haze~
I’ve been Slained _(:’3_
Wanted to draw some patterns with colours I have lying around. This song is seriously catchy I haven’t stopped looping it damn you Len

omg my booth(48) is beside yours

uwwooohhhhhhhhhh *A* ayyy neighbour nice to meet you! aaadfkjgk ALSO AA YOUR POKEMON STICKURS <3

My booth location for EOY in Singapore 2-3 August! I will be sharing it with thye-artsies and kiraniwatori ~Do drop by to say hi! &#8216;7&#8217;
Wanted to draw keneneki because I have a thing for guys&#8217; backs /)///(\
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Are you feeling better now? Why were you hospitalized? D:

Ah thank you for the concern! ;u;;7 I had lower abdominal pain for 24 hours and none of the meds nor painkillers worked so I was admitted to A&E and had a drip… Blood test showed I have an infection but they couldn’t find out which organ it is so now I’m just monitoring for any more symptoms. Although the pain is still there at least I can sit up and draw now!

Kagepro set of bookmarks I will be selling for EOY in Singapore this weekend!
I&#8217;ve been playing B&amp;S lately &#8216;v&#8217;
I&#8217;ve been feeling good lately but I know I&#8217;m just lying to myself
Commission for nucion thank you~! &gt;v&lt;,
Kiss day was yesterday I am so sorry